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Shapla Tax is Now the Official Tax Partner of Sonali Life Insurance

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Recently a landmark partnership has been announced between, Shapla, a trailblazing digital tax filing platform, and Sonali Life Insurance have formed a strategic partnership, with the primary aim of infusing technological fluency in the tax filing process for all their employees. This collaboration sets a new standard by granting Sonali Life Insurance’s employees unique tax filing benefits and marking a substantial step towards universal financial literacy and digital proficiency within the corporate arena.

In an era where technology permeates every facet of our lives, Shapla is ushering the domain of tax into the digital age, making it accessible, comprehensible, and seamlessly navigable for all. The Shapla platform represents a significant shift towards the digital empowerment of employees, granting them the capability to manage their taxes with consummate ease, thereby becoming more technologically adept and financially savvy.

By integrating Shapla’s easy-to-navigate tax filing services, Sonali Life Insurance steps towards enhancing its employee benefits, providing not just a work environment, but a holistic space where every member’s financial well-being is catered to and prioritized.

In expressing his thoughts about the partnership, the CEO of Shapla, Tasnim Mortoza, shared, “Our collaborative effort with Sonali Life Insurance embodies our unwavering commitment to facilitate and enhance the tax filing process through digital means for every individual in the company. Shapla’s primary objective revolves around digitizing and simplifying tax filing for everyone, and with this partnership, we inch significantly closer to that objective.”

Mir Rashed Bin Aman, the CEO of Sonali Life Insurance, remarked, “The essence of employee well-being pivots around ease and accessibility in managing their financial obligations. Integrating Shapla into our employee benefits program not only alleviates the complexities of tax filing but also heralds an era where our team grows technologically advanced and financially secure+.”

The partnership spells a future where technological empowerment in tax management becomes a staple, showcasing Shapla’s dedication to creating a world where tax filing is no longer a perplexing chore, but an effortless, tech-driven endeavor. This alliance not only sets a new benchmark in employee welfare and financial management but also sketches a future where digital fluency in tax filing becomes a norm, promising a landscape where organizations cater holistically to the diversified financial needs of their workforce, crafting a prospering working milieu.

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