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Seminar on ‘Exploring Smart Grids, Shaping the Future of Sustainable Energy’ held at UIU

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Smart Grid Solution: Empowering the Future of Power Distribution – with this motto a Seminar on ‘Exploring Smart Grids, Shaping the Future of Sustainable Energy’ was held yesterday at 2:30 PM at UIU Campus, United City, Madani Avenue, Dhaka. The Seminar was organized by Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited (DPDC) and Co-Funded by the European Union (EU) and AFD. The facilitated by Centre for Energy Research (CER) of United International University (UIU) and the implementing partner NKSoft Corporation, USA.

Mr. Bikash Dewan, Managing Director of Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited (DPDC) was present as the Chief Guest. Mr. Abdul Alim, Project Director, CSCSG, DPDC, Vidussi Chiara, Programme Manager of EU, Chassatte Benoit, Country Director of AFD   were present as the Special Guest. Keynote Speech was delivered by John Chowdhury, Managing Director at NKSoft Corporation, USA . Prof. Dr. Hasan Sarwar, Dean, School of Science and Engineering of UIU presided over the seminar. The presentation of Smart grid was delivered by Mr. Shahriar Ahmed Chowdhury, Director, CER, UIU.

This seminar was held to unlock the potential of the next generation and build the future for tomorrow. As part of their communication campaign, DPDC planned to organize a seminar on Smart Grid in 6 universities and schools.  It’s mentionable that Power Factor Improvement and Smart Grid under Dhaka Power Distribution  Company (DPDC) is a blended finance project where an EU grant is combined with a soft loan from AFD, for a total of EUR 112 million.  A total of 1,141,000 people will benefit from a significant improvement in the quality of electricity service. It helps fight climate change by preventing an accumulated 104,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year. It is the first ever-smart grid project in Bangladesh.

The speakers in the seminar highlighted the necessity of smart grid along with its salient features.  Any initiative sustains with the innovations and comprehensive ideas for boosting up the initiative into next level. As the youth are our future leader to lead the country’s development so this awareness campaign helps them to learn, acquire, retain and apply knowledge and skills to empower the power sector through Smart Grid. The seminar ended with successful notes among the participants as it was to establish a lasting awareness on the adoption of smart grid in Bangladesh.

Faculty members, officials, academicians, government officials, researchers and other distinguished guests were present in the program.

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