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Coke Studio Bangla brings down the curtain on Season 2 with Dilaram

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The final song of Coke Studio Bangla season 2, Dilaram, features Hamida Banu and Shayan Chowhdury Arnob. The song is a fusion of two songs, Dhoro Dilaram, written by Hason Raza himself and Arnob’s “Amae Dhore Rakho”. The song has been produced by Arnob. In this song, we celebrate the free-spirits among us with a song by the mystic poet – Hason Raza. His unique style of music made him one of the most prominent figures in Bengali folk culture. The song talks about how everyone has gone through struggles in life, and felt like they could not get better. Dilaram personifies the person who has helped us at our lowest point and pushed us to overcome these obstacles and get back on track with life.
Hamida Banu is a rooted artist from Sylhet, who has been a part of the Hason Raza family for a significant amount of time. Currently she is an employee of the Hasan Raza Museum. Her melodious earthy voice breathes fresh energy and soulfulness to the song, while giving the audience something new. This is the first time she is performing for a digital platform such as Coke Studio Bangla.
Shayan Chowdhury Arnob adds his own unique touch to the song with his part “Amae Dhore Rakho”. He sings about overcoming obstacles and bouncing back from low points in life. He talks about how the world is shackling him to fix him for the better, but he is urging not to take away his core identity that he can never be himself again. The song beautifully complements with Hamida Banu’s part as they sing in tandem to create RealMagic for one last time in season 2.

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