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Scuba Diving : Bangladeshi girl dives deep into the vast ocean in Phuket

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Plunging into the deep is not a handy task. Especially, for a woman, this is really a gruesome step toward blue water. When it comes to scuba diving, Bangladeshi women are not sorely appreciated.

However, some women are hell-bent on achieving meaningful success and doing feverish activities in their lives. They adore treading against the norm, against all odds.
Dr. Tashmia Kabir Dola had the nerve to prove herself in a mesmerizing way. She was the first girl from Bangladesh to enroll herself in a professional open-water diving course which led her to dive into the deep blue Andaman Sea in Phuket. For the first time, as a Bangladeshi girl, she explored the deep blue ocean and its riveting creatures.
This course was usually based in Blue Andaman Sea at Phuket in Thailand. Dr. Tashmia went to 55 feet deep into the sea in her 14 days special training program. For the first time, as a Bangladeshi woman, she attended diving for 7 times and stayed under water 7 hours in total. It’s was really an amazing and dangerously beautiful experience indeed.
When asked about her open-water diving experience, she quoted, “When you feel that this place where you belong is not enough to hold you fully then you can go under the ocean to see there is another vast mysterious world waiting to hold you like a baby with calmness and pure serenity!”.
Then she described her journey into the deep. She said “It was really a challenging moment for me. I was completely unnerved just before the instructions began. My hands and legs were trembling because I always had the fear of water from my early childhood. Eventually, I had the opportunity to overcome my fear of water because of my instructor Fabien Muller.”
Fabien Muller, is the Internationally famous diving instructor at Phuket Surfing School and Nautilus Dive Center in Kata Beach. You may have heard about this school in Phuket, Thailand.
Dr. Tashmia went to Thailand for special medical training. Fortunately, she made up her mind to overcome her childhood fear. At that time, she searched for a diving course. There were several courses. However, she found the course best with Fabien Muller. She said to him she was planning to take a professional course on open-water diving as she was mentally and physically determined to do so.
“Nothing can prevent you from having your dream fulfilled when you believe in yourself”. She uttered. With the inspiration of Fabien Muller, she had been enrolled in the course and successfully completed her first part of course. Including theory and practical exercise, it was challenging both mentally and physically. After hard exercise and training she passed the examination with highest marks & got an international license as a scuba diver and as a first proud Bangladeshi woman.
Dr. Tashmia Kabir Dola completed her MBBS degree from Gonoshasthaya Samaj Vittik Medical College, Dhaka. Later, she attended several youth volunteer & leadership training programs. She had her overseas internship at EIP Geneva, Switzerland in 2010. She also participated Commonwealth Youth forum in Hambantota, Sri Lanka in the year of 2013. and World humanitarian summit in the year of 2014 in Qatar as well. Currently, she is working as a Tele Health Expert at M World. If you want to know more about her please pay a brief visit to her website.
If you want to contact her, feel free to send her an email. Her email address is [email protected]

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