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The talent and experience of our country is running abroad for better life

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  • Faijur Rahaman Shoukhin

Mr. Abu Altamas, a third year BBA student in a private university, is very brilliant in studies. His past board exam results are very good. After completing his studies, get a good job and become a partner in the development of the country. But Mr. Altamas wants to move to Australia for higher degree after completing BBA and settle there.
Mr Shahed is working in an important post in a private organization of the country. He has contributed our society and development of our country. Not only that he has several types of business shop and online business and many peoples work with there. But after talking to him, he informed that he has submitted the necessary documents for permanent residence in America.
These talents and experiences of Bangladesh are gradually leaving the country and which are supposed to play the role to develop in our country. these talents and experiences is the public resource of the country. Due to the departure of these human resources from the country, the development of the country lags socially and economically. Bangladesh is now tremendously progressing in infrastructure development. To make this development sustainable we need to utilize this skilled manpower properly. Such talent and experience should be brought back home for countries development, many experts feel.
There is a dialogue in the Tamil Nadu movie ‘Mahanati’, ‘Actually, those who should enter politics hate politics’. It is not the case that only because of politics our talent and experience are going out. Corruption, security, living system are also responsible for this. Those who will work to eliminate the corruption, security, life system and various problems of this country are going abroad. There is no telling how much manpower has left the country in the last ten years. This manpower trafficking is a threat to the country just like the country’s money laundering.
According to experts, the weakness of our educated society toward a safe and better living system was from earlier and day by day it is increasing more. This evaluated manpower needs to be properly utilized for the development of the country.
Humayun Kabir Bappy studying at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. Talked about his future plan in this regard. He told,” Upon arriving in Sweden, two questions frequently posed to me are: How did I secure the scholarship, and will I return to Bangladesh or settle in Sweden? Regarding the first query, obtaining the scholarship necessitates leveraging one’s existing knowledge and skills, actively seeking out opportunities, and maintaining self-belief. As for the second question, my decision depends on the post-completion circumstances of my master’s program and the availability of prospects in Sweden. To provide some context, I have successfully completed both my undergraduate and postgraduate studies in business studies and gained professional experience working in various business development and marketing roles. I harbor aspirations of establishing my own business, with Africa being my preferred location. In this era of globalization, the physical residency is no longer the sole determinant of operational success; what truly matters are the ability to function optimally from any location. Given Sweden’s conducive environment for pursuing novel ventures, I would consider remaining here should the conditions align favorably”.
But there is also an opposite side to the coin. Many students are returning home after completing their studies abroad and working for the development of the country. Creating employment for thousands of unemployed youth. they are playing a role in the social and economic development of the country. But this number is insufficient. Md Easin Ahmed Billal is one of them, he started a business founded EFFERVESCENT as a cofounder after completing his study from abroad. Already 15 people working there and the recruitment process is ongoing. Talked with Md Easin Ahmed Billalabout his goal. he said “I studied overseas in 2010 to experience a different culture, and I now have my degree from the University of Sunderland in the UK. My decision to pursue further education overseas broadens my horizons and gives me the opportunity to develop a global perspective. In 2016, I returned to Bangladesh with the knowledge that young people like me can contribute significantly to the development of a robust economy in our nation. I’ve always wished for our young to break free from the burden of relying on the current employment market and instead use their skills to create new opportunities. In response, I decided to start my own business in 2019 and founded EFFERVESCENT with a cofounder. In the ITES and BPO sectors, Effervescent is an MNC. we support our economy by taking in foreign currency. Youth in our country today are incredibly talented, and if we can properly mentor them, they will become a wonderful asset for our nation”.
In addition, the country has become devoid of talent due to the departure of talented people abroad. Over One lac students have left the country for higher education in the last 5 years. US. India, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Britain, China, Japan are first choice for Bangladeshi. Many students immigrate to the country of dreams, the United States, because of the lack of higher education. According to a UNESCO report, 39,500 students left the country for higher education in the United States in 2015, and about 60,000 the following year. Among them are doctors, architects, teachers and brilliant students. After obtaining the degree, these talented people are reluctant to return to the country. As a result, the country is becoming talentless day by day.
The government has to be sincerer in evaluating the talented or the next generation might be a talentless Bangladesh and will stand in the way of the implementation of the ‘vision’ of 2041. Need to stop to go out the talent from our country and If the merit is properly evaluated, these indomitable talents will not leave their native land and migrate abroad.

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