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Rubina Alamgir in Mostafa Motihar’s Song

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Rupganj is a village surrounded by the natural beauty of the shaded environment in the distance of Dhaka. The beautiful daughter of that village is Rubina. Rubina Alamgir, who traveled the village roads in far away and scream has left her mark of talent in the glittering world of showbiz. These are old stories. However, this promising model-cum-actress is the model of the song titled “Rubina of Rupganj” on her own name.Along with composing this song about Rubina Alamgir, young journalist Mostafa Motihar has given voice to it. The model-cum-actress said that the song will be released on her YouTube channel “Rubina Alomgir” on the occasion of English New Year 2023. Regarding the song titled Rubina of Rupganj, Rubina Alamgir said, it is undoubtedly a great achievement for me that a song has been written about me. I hope that the song will be liked by all categories of listeners because of the lyrics, melody and singer.
In addition to modeling and acting, Rubina Alamgir has also completed the recording of an original song titled “Tui Bara Beiman” written by herself along with four cover songs. Soon the work of recording the scenes of those songs will be done. And currently awaiting release are three item songs and a music video from two feature films starring Rubina Alamgir. Believing in quality over quantity, Rubina Alamgir wants to climb to the top of success with her skills and talent.

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