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Rotarian Hosne Ara Chowdhury awarded as ‘Best Lieutenant Governor’ of Rotary District-3282

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Rotarian Hosne Ara Chowdhury, MPHF, B, MD, PHS awarded as the ‘Best Lieutenant Governor’ of the Rotary District 3282. The leaving District Governor of rotary Engineer M.A Wahab, presented the award to her at Sheraton Hotel in Banani on Sunday (June 25). She was also elected as Additional Governor for the year 2023-24 of the Rotary District 3282.

Rotarian Hosne Ara Chowdhury was involved with the Rotary district for more than a decade. In the year 2018-19, she was President of Rotary Dhaka North East District-3282. Since then, she elected to various positions in the committee of this district every year.

She is also involved with various social organizations. Since 1995, she involved with the social service organization Inner Wheel District-328. Served in various positions including President, District President and National Representative (NR) she was elected to various positions in the committee of this organization.

Rotarian Hosne Ara Chowdhury is also involved with organizations like the Women Voluntary Association (WVA), Dhaka Ladies Club. She is a Life Member of the Red Crescent Society.

Her husband Rotarian Rafiqul Haider Chowdhury also involved in various social work. Both of them have built various religious institutions and educational institutions in Raipur, which is located in Laksmipur of Noakhali. Adopting the tradition of family, they built various social institutions including orphanages.

Rotarian Hosne Ara Chowdhury reiterated his commitment to helping people until her death, in her immediate reaction to receiving the ‘Best Lieutenant Governor’ award.

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