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Rome city as tourist Spot

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  • Mohaimanul Islam Neon

Rome, a city of historical and archeological monuments, attracts tourists worldwide. If you are a tour lover and are thinking of going to a unique traditional place then Rome is the best place for you.

A perfect blend of historical tradition with ancient icons such as the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the Pantheon will remind you of the golden age of this city.

To enjoy your free day with charm, you may go to visit the Via del Corso, the best shopping mall in Rome where you can buy for yourself and your loved ones numerous good luck charms.

While on the go you will be hungry. That is the time to taste the best foods that Rome can offer. You must be aware of the popular Italian food already, no matter which part of the world you are from. It’s time you taste some of the best Pizza and Pasta in the world. You will be delighted to try the buffalo or mozzarella. The taste of Roman coffee is also world-famous.

After eating and drinking to the fullest, you may think of taking a boat trip with your loved one. Just 30 kilometers northwest of Rome, Lego di Bracciano, the eighth largest lake in Italy will be the happiest place for you.

If you want to witness the incredible history of 2000 years old infrastructure, the only option for you is to visit Rome city. Because here’s you are getting the Roman Colosseum which is a must-see attraction in Rome and one of the most popular Colosseum Tours.

You would love some dashing photos on the tour, right? In the first and second levels of the Colosseum, you can view from these parts of the Colosseum provide an excellent opportunity for more photos. If you want you can take a snap on your phone or camera and learn more about the brutal games of the Colosseum.

There is no need to worry if you run out of credit card balance. You can tour on Roman Forum and Palatine Hill with your Colosseum tour tickets.

You surely cannot miss a visit to the temple of Julius Caesar, the commander of the Roman Empire. So now it’s time to visit the Temple of Julius Caesar, the Arch of Titus, the Roman Senate House, and much more. In this case, it is good to say that do not forget to listen to the stories of people like Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, or Cleopatra from your friendly tour guide.

Tired from pushing along the crowds of locals and tourists, Want to see the main highlights of Rome without the touristy crowds? So, Hold hands with your loved one and come out in the streets of Rome, enjoy a different night. Try to see the beautiful fountains at Piazza Navona light up at night, enjoy the peacefulness of the Pantheon and relax on the local nightlife at Campo di Fiori.

So Rome city waits to welcome you. Book your flight now with Online Travel Direct and have the holiday of your dreams!

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