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Rizvi-Rakib duo stood at 20!

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Recently, under the banner of Tune Factory, modern music ‘Purno Ful’ with lyrics by Rezaur Rahman Rizvi has been published on their official YouTube channel. Popular artist Rakib Mosabbir has given the melody, music and voice of the song. And through this song, the number of songs composed by the Rizvi-Rakib duo stood at 20.

In April 2013, Rakib Mosabbir sang the title song of the album for the first time in the words of Rezaur Rahman Rizvi on the album ‘Sukh Pakhi’. Although not very regular since then, the songs of this pair are getting listeners. The song of the Rizvi-Rakib duo means something different to the listeners. In that series, this time on the occasion of the new year, the couple has released their new song ‘Purno Ful’.

In this context, musician Rakib Mosabbir said, I have been working with Rizvi Bhai for almost 9 years. No other lyricist has done as many songs with him as I have done so far. We hope that our listeners will get some more songs in the future too.

Lyricist Rezaur Rahman Rizvi said, “My first published song was composed by Rakib Mosabbir. I also feel quite comfortable working with Rakib. And I’ve always loved to experiment with lyrics. And I really enjoy Rakib’s support in this experiment. We hope that the listeners will find differences in the lyrics and melody of the song ‘Purano Ful’.

The lyrical video of the song ‘Purano Ful’ can be found on Tune Factory’s YouTube channel <> at this link. Besides YouTube, the song is also available on GP Music, Bangla Vibe and Gaan TV mobile apps.

Note that some of the popular songs of Rizvi-Rakib duo are: Sukh Pakhi, Cholona, Nandini, Mon Udasi, Chhaya, Bhalobasa Emonai, Jani e Mone Tumi, Mon Je Dewana, Bhalobasar Mail Train, Amake Joriye Rakho etc.#

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