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Rakuten Viber and Mineski Global boost the fun with the launch of the mgames chatbot on Viber

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Rakuten Viber, in partnership with Mineski Global, has recently introduced the ‘mgames chatbot’ consisting of exciting and easy-to-play games to bring hyper-casual gaming to a whole new level.

Viber users across the Asia Pacific will now have free and easy access to 70 hyper-casual games through the mgames chatbot on the platform, with new games to be introduced every month. mgames is a casual gaming platform created by Mineski Global, offering an extensive range of games that are easy to play and navigate in terms of game mechanics and design.

“We are excited about our collaboration with Mineski Global in integrating hyper-casual games into our platform for different segments of users,” says David Tse, Senior Director, Rakuten Viber. “We are not just launching games in Viber, we are building a community of hyper-casual gamers, giving our users another way of interaction and communication through the fun of games.”

With a wide library of options, there are games for all ages and types of users— from incredible word masters to thrill-seekers, to fantastic puzzle solvers, to competitive racers and even to just happy-go-lucky screen tappers. These interactive hyper-casual games allow users to compete for rewards and leaderboards while playing with their Viber network. Users can also create their own private lobbies and have a fun time with their friends and family on the platform.

“The social aspect of gaming is often overlooked, but we believe that it creates one of the strongest reward loops that incentivize consumer behavior. For instance, mgames on Viber has private lobbies so users can host friendly competitions with their family and friends. This and other features are novelties that will make your messaging app experience more dynamic,” says Ronald Robins, Mineski’s Chief Executive Officer.

“As a big fan of casual mobile phone games, this new addition on Viber is so much fun. It’s another exciting activity that I can experience with my friends,” said Kyle Vergara, Filipino content creator present during the event.” The mgames on Viber will allow us to bond virtually when we’re not able to physically hang out together, and I’m looking forward to having fun competitions with them.”

“Gaming makes me happy,” says avid gaming Filipino content creator Shai Ortille. “And these games on Viber will allow me to share my passion with my friends and siblings, and even with my parents. I’m hopeful that these hyper-casual games will also make others find the happiness in gaming and pave the way for them to become pro-gamers as well if they wish to be.”

During the media launch of mgames chatbot on Viber held in Mandaluyong City, members of the Philippine media experienced great fun of community gaming as they competed for exciting prizes. Members of the media from Nepal and Bangladesh also joined the event virtually. Games played in private lobbies during the event included Tako Block, an exhilarating endless block-stacking game where players need to build Tako Blocks to squeeze through or go over obstacles; Whack A Mole, which allowed players to relive their amusement park experience through this timeless fun and fast-paced game, and Furious Speed, a thrilling car-chasing game for that added boost of adrenaline rush.

“Our partnership with Viber is a testament to our commitment to creating rewarding experiences through gamification. This integration is reminiscent of Mineski’s early days of building communities through a common love for gaming, and now we are proud to deliver this promise to the larger and more diverse casual gaming audience that only Viber can aggregate,” says Ronald Robins, Mineski’s Chief Executive Officer.

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