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Promising Guitarist Nahid

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Md Kamruzzaman Nahid. A promising Vocalist, Guitarist and Guitar Teacher. Professionally, he has been working regularly as Vocalist cum Guitarist since 1998.

As Nahid said, “I inspired by my parents, I played guitar with different bands in Chittagong. My first band was Jacksus Then I played with Revel, Dream Touch and Suaev.”

After playing guitar for a long time he started developing himself in composition. With that flow he released his first solo album named “Tomar Amar” in 2011 under the banner of R Vision. Even in 2018 CD Choice Music published his “Gyan Buddhi.”

Nahid said, “I was interested in playing music from a young age. My cousin Sajeed bhai, who was the founder of Souls, lived next door to me. I used to play music in his house through the window. And I used to listen their songs. But I didn’t understand all. B’cause they used to sing English number.

Nahid continued, “Actually i wanted to sing. In fact, i very much inspired listening the song of Souls, Miles, Feedback, Symphony, Defendant, Nova etc.”

He added, “I wanted to listen to Bachchu Bhai’s songs and guitar playing. During the day of LRB band’s first program i was watching Bachchu Bhai’s two songs and performances. From that day I became a fan of Bachchu Bhai. Then my desire increased when I would play guitar like Bachchu Bhai. And I was wondering if it would be possible the day infuture.”

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