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Programming Contest of Huawei Starts Tomorrow

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A 14 days online programming challenge powered by Huawei is going to be started tomorrow. This open competition is coming on the occasion of the 45th ICPC World Finals. Anyone can join this challenge and win USD 15,000 and more.

This 45th ICPC World Finals Challenge powered by Huawei has two challenging tasks from different business domains – Central Software Institute and HiSilicon. The participants are free to register for any or both problems to solve.

Each problem will have its own scoreboard and own prize fund. One champion of each problem will get USD 15,000 and the travel trip to the 46th Annual ICPC World Finals in a guest role. The winners rank from the 2nd to 6th of each challenge will get USD 8,000 and Rank the 7th to 16th will get USD 3,000. There will be Huawei FreeBuds also for the winners ranking 17th to 46th.

The 1st problem has been aptly described as ‘Designing tomorrow’s microprocessors using today’s benchmarks built from yesterday’s programs. One of the approaches for addressing these challenges is to complement application benchmark suites with synthetic benchmarks. In this question, program control flow generation is abstracted to draw a route on a directed graph. The route and the graph with MIC closest to the input will be the winner.

And the 2nd problem is about job scheduling and data assignment. Here, the goal is to design an efficient task scheduling algorithm, that can assign tasks to different computing units, and store the data to different memory disks, such that the overall make-span.

Interested applicants can find out more about this competition and complete registration at

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