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Tony Michael wins the prestigious Peace for Film Award 2023

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Independent filmmaker Tony Michael has been honored with the prestigious Peace for Film Award 2023 for his documentary “Before the Beginning.” The documentary features Julian Francis and Oxfam’s significant contributions to Bangladesh during the post-war period in 1971. The award was presented by the jury of the Film4Peace festival committee at the BCC Auditorium, ICT Tower, Agargaon this evening.

The Peace Festival and award ceremony were jointly organized by UNDP Bangladesh, the Norwegian Embassy in Dhaka, and the ICT Division of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
In response to winning the award, Tony Michael expressed his excitement and emphasized the importance of film funding in addressing development and peace issues. He believes that more access to funding for films, especially on development and peace issues, can help resolve cultural conflicts. He stressed the critical role of film funding in Bangladesh and called for development partners to support positive storytelling to rebuild the industry.
“Before the Beginning” has received acclaim for its in-depth portrayal of the humanitarian efforts in Bangladesh’s post-war era, shedding light on the impactful work of individuals and organizations dedicated to peace and development.
Tony Michael Gomes works with CARE Bangladesh as Director of Strategic Partnership, Advocacy, and Communications. As a Bangladeshi, Tony Michael has received the Chanakya Award twice for his outstanding contribution to public relations and development communications. He has an impressive track record in various roles, including actor, lyricist, musician, director, and cinematographer, having worked on over 200 documentaries for the development sector.

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