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Pau-Pau lands in Bangladesh: foodpanda unveils first-of-its-kind brand ambassador

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Popular online food and grocery delivery platform foodpanda today introduced Pau-Pau, a fresh face for the brand, to its customers in Bangladesh. Pau-Pau, a fun-loving and free-spirited panda, is the platform’s first-of-its-kind brand ambassador. Starting from May 15, 2022, the adorable Pau-Pau is ready to endorse the value of empowerment across the country through fun and love!

The lovable brand ambassador comes in as the new face of foodpanda, radiating a vibrant personality and reflecting foodpanda’s warmth and vibrancy. Helping foodpanda explore a fresh approach to brand building, Pau-Pau brings in values of empowerment, caring for the environment, and living life according to oneself.

Through Pau-Pau, the foodpanda app is paving a purposeful experience for its customers by helping the brand to better connect with customers. Customers can find Pau-Pau on Instagram and use them as stickers or emojis for more lively engagements, freedom of expression, and fun and effective communication. The pink panda aims to inspire people to live life to the fullest and on their own terms. Pau-Pau is passionate about the three E’s – Empowerment (for living life on one’s own terms), Environment (as foodpanda’s sustainability champion), and Enthusiasm (for food and fun).

“Pau-Pau is very unique and has his own personality that embodies the spirit of our brand. To better connect with our customers, we wanted to bring in a new, fun ambassador who evokes love amongst our customers. Because of Pau-Pau’s fun-loving and quirky nature, customers will be able to relate and connect emotionally with the foodpanda brand. As we progressively roll out across all our channels, we hope customers will have an exciting, fresh and vibrant experience on the foodpanda platform, with their new friend Pau-Pau,” said Manisha Safiya Tarek, Head of Marketing, foodpanda Bangladesh.

Pau-Pau will be rolling out progressively across all foodpanda channels and interfaces, from the app and website to digital and social media platforms, out-of-home activations and more.

The introduction of Pau-Pau builds on foodpanda’s earlier brand refresh, which saw foodpanda revitalizing its look with fresh visuals and a more vibrant color palette and a friendlier user interface as the platform expands beyond just food delivery.

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