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Open discussion session held with volunteers on Palliative Care in Narayanganj

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On Tuesday, November 7, at 10 a.m., volunteers participated in an open discussion about palliative care at Sheikh Russel Nagar Park in Narayanganj. Palliative care volunteers from the Narayanganj City Corporation area met in the park grounds as a part of the activity of the ‘Compassionate Narayanganj’ project. The objective of the gathering was to share ideas and practical experiences of volunteers regarding palliative care work.

As volunteer Mahmuda Akhter described her experiences visiting patients with palliative care assistants during the open discussion led by Compassionate Narayanganj Project Field Officer Hasan Hafizur Rahman, she said, “Palliative care patients behave like small children at times; they want the company of people at this time. A little touch of compassion wants them to be happy if they can open their heart to others, if we are a little sincere, we can bring a smile to their face.”

“Today, we have to spread the positive examples from the experience of involvement in this work by the palliative care volunteers,” stated Sumit Banik, the project coordinator for Ayat Education. `Our young people need to hear about the deep emotional experiences and feelings you have had from working with palliative care patients. We will be able to provide a shining example of compassion if we can all stand by palliative patients with good emotional feelings like compassion, love, affection, and warmth.’

In his remarks, Hasan Hafizur Rahman stated, “It is important that each of us have a voluntary attitude.” Experience doing volunteer work benefits not just one’s personal life but also one’s professional development. All cognizant humans, after all, ought to be aware of palliative care. Then, if any such patients exist in our community or within our family, we can assist in offering this service.

“The only truth in our life is death,” stated Kanak Doya Barman, Communication and Branding Officer at Ayat Education. `It follows that everyone should be aware of palliative care. because this is a genuine and accurate experience that many of us have had.’

Notably, the three-year ‘Compassionate Narayanganj’ pilot project’s main goal is to incorporate palliative care into the primary health care system. The project aims to alleviate the physical, mental, social, and spiritual suffering of the affected individual and his family, as well as to enhance the quality of life for patients with terminal illnesses by providing the necessary treatment during this difficult but safe time.

In the open discussion section that followed the speech and experience, the volunteers shared their thoughts and queries. In attendance at the open discussion session were Suraiya Ahmed Chowdhury, Munia Akhtar, Shahzada Hossain Chayan, Palliative care assistant of the Compassionate Narayanganj project, and community mobilizers Ananna Rahman and Fahim Hossain.

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