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Nuport will automate the business delivery systems

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Nuport, a local startup company, has introduced new software to automate distribution, supply chain and route planning. Named ‘NuPort’, this cloud-based software will reduce the hassle of product management for manufacturers, distributors and e-commerce companies. Nuport is the second venture of Fahim Salam, a young entrepreneur from the country, and Chris Li, a Canadian. Before Nuport, they jointly set up a logistics company called Loop Freight. Regarding Nuport, Fahim Salam said Bangladesh’s industrial sector contributes 26.1 percent of GDP.

Companies spend an average of at least 3 hours creating a delivery plan from an approved sales order. In addition, companies have no visibility or control over shipments when goods leave the warehouse. Nuport will be an effective alternative in this case. Nuport is on a mission to optimize the distribution cycle by automating the route-to-market process for manufacturers, distributors, & e-commerce companies. This is because the software will automate the entire response as well as provide round-the-clock live surveillance. For this, you need to use an Android app. Nuport recently received investment from ODX and Flexport’s Accelerate program. Nuport will soon begin working with Flexport partners. More details:

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