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‘Natura Care’ started journey with Promise of Purity

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Ensuring the promise of purity in the case of cosmetics is quite difficult in our country. ‘Natura Care’ has entered the fray with hundred percent assurance of purity; with the promise of Unconquerable, Impassable, Invincible to introduce you to the world of natural wellness.
Unsafe makeup can take away real beauty! Most cosmetic products are made of chemicals. But the ingredients of each product of the ‘Natura Care’ brand are 100% tested natural. Which will ensure natural wellness, beauty and purity.
Recently the brand was unveiled at a grand function held at the CCULB Resort and Convention Hall in Kaliganj.
At that time, Managing Director (MD) Asif Wahab Khan, CEO Mohammed Nazim Uddin, Head of Business Strategy Aditya Shome, Head of Marketing Shams Arifeen Auvi, Head of Sales Md. Imtiaz Osman Talukder, Head of Operation Md. Khaled Hossain, GM Operation of the Mother Company – “Padma Group of Converters” Mr. Golam Kibria Khan, Head of Sales of the Distribution Partner Company Mousumi Network Limited Mr. Subrata Kumar Kundu and other high officials along with Field employees were present.
Asif Wahab Khan, Managing Director of the company, said, “Shining and beautiful skin is the key to beauty. Keeping yourself always beautiful and attractive is a part of a healthy life. Quality assured ‘Natura Care’ is starting its journey in the country with the promise of revolutionizing the cosmetics sector.”
“He said that more or less everyone suffers from skin problems due to environmental pollution. If you are into skin care, you will find various cosmetics in the market. We do guarantee the highest quality naturally pure cosmetic products. Through which a user can get back the natural beauty.”
In the event, the company’s future sales plan, field plan, etc. were presented to the audience along with all the materials and detailed information of each product of the brand. Through which visitors and customers get a direct idea about Natura Care.
On the occasion, CEO Mohammed Nazim Uddin said, ” There is a demand for products of genuine brands in this subcontinent. The skin cosmetics and hair oil market is very strong with the presence of various brands from home and abroad. We hope Natura Care will secure its position among the leading brands. The quality of the product, the long presence of the product in the market and the trust of the users will be able to sustain this brand significantly.”
Head of Business Strategy Aditya Shome said, “A recent study shows that 15 percent of the demand for cosmetics i.e. snow, cream, shampoo, soap, lotion, after-shave lotion, perfume is being met by the production of domestic companies. And 15 percent – imported foreign products. The remaining 70 percent of cosmetics are made with fake and harmful ingredients. In this situation, customers can trust Natura as a trusted cosmetic brand in the country.

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