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Music director Rakib Mosabbir turned international media company owner

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Rakib Musabbir, Artist, Composer, Music Director, whose melody, voice and music have become hits and hits from the cassette era to the TikTok era in the country. Now he owns an international media group company. Rakib Musabbir’s music career started in 2007. A few years later, in 2015, he got a local audio business license. It was called ‘RM Productions’. The online version of this RM production was ‘Tone Fair, Tune Factory and the physical version was RM Music Factory and RM Entertainment! ‘RM Production’ is basically an online based audio video production and distribution company.

Then in 2020, Rakib Musabbir took another online business license called ‘Dowa Media Group’ as a technology entrepreneur. Later, in 2022, he transformed his ‘Dowa Media Group’ into an international media group company licensed from London, UK, a famous country in Europe. which is registered and listed on the UK Government website. His ‘Dowa Media Group’ became ‘Dowa Media Group Limited’.

A visit to the UK government website revealed that Rakib Musabbir’s ‘Dowa Media Group Limited’ had been licensed in four categories under the nature of business. The nature of its international license business is- 1. Newspaper publishing, 2. Radio broadcasting 3. Television programming and broadcasting activities, 4. News agency activities. His media group company is said to be able to operate globally, including in the UK and EU countries.

Official Website Dowa Medi Group Limited:

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