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MSJ Freshers’ Orientation & Apprenticeship Day Summer 2023

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The Department of Media Studies and Journalism Department (MSJ) at ULAB organized Fresher’s Orientation and Apprenticeship Day Program for Summer 2023 at its campus. The newcomers to the department were welcomed through these events and given an overview of the academics along with the skill-based apprenticeship programs for their four-year journey.

Professor Jude William Genilo, Pro Vice Chancellor of ULAB and the Head of MSJ, delivered an enlightening speech for the freshers by stating, “It’s an occasion to celebrate because you entered the program that is highly recognized abroad. It’s the only internationally accredited media program in Bangladesh. Because of this international reputation, we are sought by other universities seeking advice on how their programs are being run. We are the ones influencing the others in the region, not only in Bangladesh.”

Consecutively, the MSJ faculty members and the admin panel introduced themselves. Senior Lecturer Nandita Tabassum Khan discussed the history and mission of the department. Senior Lecturer Muhammad Aminuzzaman gave an overall preview of portfolio creation.

A video compilation of apprenticeship and outreach programs offered by the department was presented to educate on the practical value of these initiatives. Some of the current apprentices from each program were awarded for their diligence and commitment.

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