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MSJ Alumni Formation Summer 2023

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The Alumni Formation event for the summer’23 of the Media Studies and Journalism Department (MSJ) of University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) was organized at the ULAB’s Permanent Campus on 8th September, Friday.
Professor Jude William R. Genilo, Pro-Vice Chancellor congratulated the graduates upon completion of their journey and handed over the certificates. In his speech, he talked about the challenges the graduates had to overcome in their journey. He said, “It isn’t always easy to commit in this program because of internships and other projects, but it is something that interconnects us with each other. Attitude is what counts the most. If you are egoistic, then you cannot build interpersonal relationships easily”.
The event was transitioned with the alumni registration and “Letter to My Future Self” with an oath- taking ceremony where the summer’23 graduates took their oath. The celebration came to an end with a cultural segment followed by a closing speech.

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