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Monash Entry Scholarship Awarding Ceremony 2021 held by UCB

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Universal College Bangladesh (UCB), the only Ministry of Education-approved international education provider in Bangladesh, has successfully held the Monash Entry Scholarship Awarding Ceremony 2021 recently. The event honoring talented Monash College Programs at UCB students with a prestigious entry-level scholarship based on their previous results of O Levels for Monash University Foundation Year Program and of A Levels/HSC of Monash College Diploma (Monash University 1st Year Equivalent) Program, respectively.
Dr. Sandeep Ananthanarayanan, Group CEO, STS Group; Prof. Sarwar Uddin Ahmed, Dean of Academic Affairs, UCB; Jamal Uddin Jamy, Head of Enrollment, UCB; Amid Hossain Chowdhury, Head of Marketing, UCB; and Mirza Kainath, Parents Engagement Counsellor, UCB; was present with awardee students along with their parents were present at the award ceremony. Students at UCB receive up to 40% Scholarship upon fulfilling scholarship criteria depending on their previous academic and extracurricular activities. Students received the Monash Entrance Scholarship Certificate, which shall allow them a 30 40% scholarship based on their previous academic records.  20 students received the prestigious Monash Entry Scholarship Certificate.
Key highlights of the ceremony included a welcome speech by the Parent Engagement Counselor Mirza Kainath, followed by an immensely motivational speech by the Dean, Prof. Sarwar Uddin Ahmed, whose conscious reminder to the awardees With great power comes great responsibility elevated the total spirit of the event. Head of Marketing of UCB, Amid Hossain Chowdhury, also added, Being a Monash Alumni myself, I received the same Monash Entrance Scholarship when I joined such a world-class institute like Monash which is now the world top 40th Institution in US News and World Report 2021 Best Global Universities Rankings. Head of Enrolment, Jamal Uddin Jamy, said, Admission at UCB is going on for Foundation Year Intake of January 2021 and Monash University 1st Year Equivalent Degree Intake February 2021 is going on. Students will receive the same Entrance Scholarship upon fulfilling the criterion. Students present here can bring their friends in the Monash College Programs at UCB to continue to study at world top Universities like Monash University.
Finally, STS Groups Group CEO, Dr. Sandeep Ananthanarayanan, delivered a motivational and praiseworthy speech addressing the students and guiding them towards striving for a larger cause in their career and personal lives. It is indeed a historic moment for students of Bangladesh to receive such a prestigious Monash Scholarship and Universal College Bangladesh will continue to motivate the youth who are the futures of Bangladesh with such scholarships for International Education journey which they can start now, right here in Bangladesh. Faculty members, parents, students, and stakeholders present at the Monash Entry Scholarship Awarding Ceremony 2021 appreciated the arrangement wholeheartedly with proud and positive responses. The event was hosted by Universal College Bangladesh at their SA Tower, 1 Gulshan Avenue Campus.

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