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Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub to harness the power of startups in Bangladesh

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Microsoft launched its Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub in Bangladesh, continuing its mission to fuel innovation amongst ambitious startups in Asia who are eager to make their mark on the global stage.

Microsoft for Startups Founder’s Hub is a new and truly borderless platform tailored to give wings to the boundless ambitions of startup founders, offering them resources to help them turn their ideas into reality. With more than $300,000 worth of benefits available for startups through the platform, Founder’s Hub caters to anyone with a dream, with no funding required.

Startups will have access to technology tools that include secure cloud platforms such as Azure to staples of a developer’s toolbox of the likes of Microsoft 365, GitHub Enterprise, and Visual Studio Enterprise. Apart from technological support, Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub fulfills its mission of empowerment through personalized mentorship, available through hundreds of mentors regarding every step of the startup journey. Founders will have guidance on how to achieve their business aspirations for their startups alongside enhancing technical expertise, showcasing the platform’s flexible approach to startup acceleration.

In addition to connecting founders with industry veterans, Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub will also provide access to Microsoft Learn and a variety of startup and unicorn programs to help them build connections with customers and fast-track their growth.

Innovation from Bangladesh to the world stage

Bangladesh has made its mark as a hub of innovation with a booming business sector and a tech-savvy population. Having raised USD $727 million in investments since 2013, Bangladeshi startup investments continue to function as a robust sphere of operations, boosting fintech, logistics and mobility, and e-commerce and retail-oriented startup creation.

The accelerated pace of startup investment coupled with its tech-savvy digital entrepreneurs renders Bangladesh a highly fruitful startup ecosystem, and Microsoft is committed to serving as a trusted partner in enabling local startups to bring their ideas to fruition on the global stage.

“Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, a founder-first program designed to meet unique needs, is a timely provision for the Bangladeshi startup ecosystem, especially with its aim of broadening avenues of access to founders. With an environment and a community that facilitates rapid digitisation and adaptation of new technology, local startups have the capacity to drive social transformation across all cross-sections of society,” said Yousup Faruqu, Managing Director for Microsoft Bangladesh. “We look forward to working together with homegrown startups to unlock innovation and help them reach international heights,”

Empowering Bangladesh’s startup ecosystem

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub’s focus on early-stage startups without requiring proof of funding or affiliation with a VC, accelerator, or incubator, paves the way for enthusiastic founders in Bangladesh to enter the program on the strength of their ideas and aspirations alone. Keeping up to its mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more, founders are given room to grow with Microsoft, regardless of their background, location, progress, or passions.

Recognizing that driving essential technology and knowledge support to Bangladesh’s 1.5 million-strong startup labor force is strongly aligned with Microsoft’s investment in local communities, the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub facilitates connections with engineering experts from Microsoft as well as other startups at Microsoft Reactors across the globe. Enabling Bangladeshi startups to have access to Microsoft’s partner ecosystem to launch themselves through a global distribution channel makes this a uniquely positioned opportunity for budding startups in the country.

Microsoft has been committed to enabling the growth of startups in Bangladesh, empowering them to leverage Microsoft technologies to take on Asia and the world. Exemplifying its long-standing commitment to fostering Bangladesh’s startup ecosystem, Microsoft Asia and global startup platform She Loves Tech announced a multi-year partnership in Bangladesh to support women-led startups in the community through Microsoft technologies, a global network and support from fellow female founders.

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