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MDMS in Nepal, similar to BTRC’s NEIR, to keep illegal handsets off

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Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) has recently implemented Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) in the country, ensuring better control of unauthorized mobile phone entry into the country. MDMS is a high-tech solution that has been introduced with the intention of disabling unregistered smartphones. Nepal Government Ministry of Finance– Custom Department has notified that the MDMS system will be compulsory for all mobile sets used within the border.

 Mobile sets brought from abroad for commercial use with customs clearance will be promptly registered in the MDMS system. Meanwhile, individuals can register mobile sets brought for commercial purposes in the MDMS by themselves. Additionally, passengers entering Nepal from abroad will be permitted to bring up to two mobile phones.

It is to be mentioned that Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) already took a similar step in 2021, called National Equipment Identity Register (NEIR), which was aimed at blocking illegal handsets in the country. NEIR has the potential to play a key role in identifying and blocking unauthorized mobile handsets in the network. As a result, it can gradually stop the use of illegal handsets and reduce crimes related to phone stealing. The system is designed to support the increase in a country’s revenue collection, and hence all the handset manufacturers and other industry stakeholders appreciated the initiative whole heartedly. However, this step by the BTRC has not fully materialized yet.

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