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Likee got a huge response on their four new campaigns

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During this Eid, Likee launched four campaigns and also invited new celebrities to join the app with new hashtag challenges, including #ImOnLikee, #EidFest, #EidComing, and #DrinkToEid. By inviting the new stars on the platform and coming up with exciting hashtag challenges, Likee provided its users with a variety of gameplay, enhancing the delightful atmosphere of the Eid festival.
Likee is a free original short video-making and sharing platform worldwide. To cherish the spiritual significance of Eid-Ul-Fitr, through its Eid-ul-Fitr campaign, Likee invited celebrities such as Sabnam Faria, Shahtaj Monira Hashem, Keya Payel, Raba Khan, and Thoughts of Shams on its platform and introduced meaningful and fun activities for the users, spreading the spirit of joy and thanksgiving this Eid.

Among the Hashtag challenges, #ImOnLikee was for the newly joined stars’ debut on Likee, where they called upon users to follow their gameplay videos and post their own renditions of those. Afterward, each celebrity chose lucky users to interact with them. 4998 videos were posted with this hashtag, which received 13.22M views, all within 11 days. With the #EidFest hashtag, users were able to share any videos related to their Eid celebrations, including Eid looks, outfits, shopping, and more. 1907 videos with this hashtag were posted, which received views of 9.41M in 14 days. The #EidComing hashtag, on the other hand, was introduced with a special effect, “Supermix,” inviting users to post their Eid pictures or videos with the effect. 22,329 videos with this hashtag were posted, which received 5.60M views within 12 days. Lastly, #DrinkToEid was also presented with a special effect of juice. Upon finishing the juice on screen, the interface showed an Eid decoration effect, wishing all the users Eid Mubarak. There were 2341 videos posted with this hashtag, receiving views of 1.30M in 11 days. A total of 31,575 videos were posted with these four hashtags, all of them receiving 29.52M views, combined.
Regarding the campaign, Gibson Yuen, Head of Likee Global Operations said, “Likee wholeheartedly cherishes the festive spirits of Eid-Ul-Fitr; therefore, we have collaborated with the much-loved celebrities and introduced exciting hashtag challenges. Our users have thoroughly enjoyed the high-quality content resulting from these newest additions this Eid.”
Likee will continue to come up with more exciting gameplay an effort to enrich their users’ online experiences. The popular short video platform hopes that the users can enjoy fun and creative new ways to celebrate traditional festivals and feel the new vibe within local cultures.

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