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Likee creates earning opportunities for content creators through the ‘SuperFollow’ feature

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Popular short-video creation and sharing app Likee has recently brought in a new feature called ‘SuperFollow,’ a paid subscription service for creators, to enable the users of Bangladesh to earn through high-quality content.

Subscription-based services are rapidly finding immense popularity all over the world. More and more people are availing of such services. With smartphones becoming more affordable along with the continuously shifting trends in entertainment consumption and the phenomenal growth rate of social media, content is getting more important than ever. And when it comes to content, there is no better platform than Likee – a rising star within the social media landscape. Millions of content creators are associated with Likee. Likee Bangladesh has introduced this feature to keep up with the times and help Bangladeshi influencers and content creators get another platform to earn money. This feature is a new subscription-based service for content creators to earn revenue through monthly subscriptions on the app.

Based in Singapore, Likee has made a permanent place for itself in the hearts and minds of content creators and consumers from all walks of life. Likee has a very strong base of users in Bangladesh as well. To create more opportunities for the users to grow, Likee has come up with this exceptional opportunity called ‘SuperFollow.’

Gibson Yuen, Head of Likee Global Operations said, “With the social media platforms taking over traditional media, sea changes are happening in the content creation sphere and how the audiences perceive contents. That’s why content creators are now more creative while producing exclusive content for their followers. For such creators, Likee has brought ‘SuperFollow’ feature so that they can write their own success story.”

Faisal Ahmed Abir, a top-tier influencer on Likee and one of the first batch of approved creators, said, “Content creation is not an easy task as it requires dedication as well as labor. It’s great news that Likee Bangladesh has introduced a new feature for us, through which we can create and at the same time earn. It seems our hard work will be paid off.”

Currently, the new feature is only available for handpicked creators and will soon expand to more creators in the future. After qualifying to create monetized content, Likee creators can make their application entry and set their desired monthly subscription price according to Likee’s policy. Creators can start publishing exclusive, monetized content for their SuperFollowers within 24 hours from the submission of their application, if approved. To attract more SuperFollowers, creators are also encouraged to craft their greeting message, select attractive video covers, and design the profile accordingly.

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