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Laptops’ bypass charging technology now in smartphones

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Dhaka, 21 September 2023: The word bypass is known toalmost all of us. We use this word to mean an alternative road, a new path for blood flow in the heart, and a technology for charging. Everywhere, the meaning stays the same, being an alternative path. Bypass charging technology lets laptops stay working just through the charger, without the help of the battery. Now smartphones are also getting this technology for optimized and secured performance.
Bypass charging technology has come again into discussion in the smartphone market after the launch of the Infinix Note 30 Series. Previously, the market experienced this technology being available in a range of high-budget phones from Samsung, Sony, Ausus, and ROG. But in the mid-range smartphones, Infinix has recently introduced this technology. Let’s know more about this.
Usually, while connected to a charger, a laptop first powers the battery, and the battery then powers the device. That means, primarily, one source of power. So, what does bypass charging do to laptops? Actually, it allows the device to directly draw power from the charger, bypassing the battery entirely. And that’s how we can get uninterrupted service from laptops with two power sources.
Our smartphones also get this capability when bypass charging is incorporated. The phones then run through the wall charger without using the phone battery. As there are no batteries included in the process, the battery percentage will not increase or decrease. The motherboard here takes the power to run the phone. When the bypass charging feature is not in use, the phone comes into regular mode. So, why do we need this high-level technology in our smartphones?
These days, smartphones are used heavily, be it for normal use, entertainment, or gaming. Sometimes it happens that we have to plug it into a charger and keep using it. And while charging, smartphones usually generate a lot of heat. If tasks like video editing and gaming are done, the heat generation doubles, which is like doing sabotage to the device. Excessive heat is detrimental to battery health and other parts. A heated phone on hand is also not enjoyable. So when bypass charging mode is activated, smartphones get a certain amount of charge in the battery, which bypasses the power supply from the battery to the motherboard.
Infinix’s Note 30 series, empowered with all-round fast charging, is designed to power the battery up to 30% and then bypass it. Two models are in this series: the Note 30 and the Note 30 Pro. The price of the Note 30 Pro smartphone in Bangladesh is BDT 27,999. Customers will get a free wireless charger with the phone, worth BDT 2,000. Two versions of the Note 30, 8GB+128GB and 8GB+256GB, are available for BDT 18,999 and 23,999, respectively.

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