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KrayonMags’ new campaign “Oshomoyer Daak”

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The handwritten letter festival “Oshomoyer Daak” is being organized by KrayonMag, a social storytelling platform. This one-of-a-kind event, which is very pertinent in today’s context is open to all and will run for three days from October 19th to 21st, 2022 this month at Bishwo Shahitto Kendro.

The primitive practice of letter writing is on the verge of becoming obsolete as digitization advances. The days of postmen delivering letters on bicycles with yellow envelopes or crinkling sounds are just memories. In this age of e-mails, faxes, and text messages, no one writes letters to anyone anymore. Handwritten postal letters are going through a difficult period, which is why this “Oshomoyer dark” and letter festival from Krayon Mag.

KrayonMag has suggested a few topics for the letters as well, some of which are related to the SDG goals, such as “Gender equality, Mental health, Climate change, Education system, Peace not war.”
Finally, there is a free hand letter writing category titled ‘Your dream,’ where authors can write letters about their dreams, parents, family members, favorite city, favorite author, or a character in a book. This letter’s receiver may be a loved one, an unknown relative, a faraway friend, or a fictional figure. They are free to write about any beloved object or character from literature or movies as well.

The Chief Guest seat was graced by Aroma Dutta, Member of Parliament, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Furthermore, among the Special Guests were Ln, Salma Adil, MJF, Founder, Salma Adil Foundation, CFO and ED, Top of Mind and Bhaskar Chowdhury, Poet and Author. Krayon Mag founder and CEO Tanziral Dilshad Ditan thanked everyone for their spontaneous participation in the letter festival.

This event is sponsored by Daraz. It should be mentioned that everyone has responded enthusiastically to the invitation to participate in Krayon Mag’s “Oshommoyer Daak” letter festival via social media since the beginning of October. The letter exhibition of Krayon Mag is being exhibited at this event with these letters sent by everyone. With the compilation of these letters, Krayonmag will publish a book in the upcoming 2023 book fair.

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