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Juniors App and Game Carnival begins for school students

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Nowadays children and teenagers are addicted to mobile phones and computers. The Creative IT Institute, the country’s top information technology training institute, has taken a different initiative to turn technology addiction into a career. For the first time in the country, the organization has organized ‘Juniors App and Game Carnival’ to give school students an idea about technology awareness and coding. According to a press release on Sunday, the Juniors App and Game Carnival will serve as a significant milestone for school students to enter the world of technology and creativity. In this heterogeneous competition, school students will learn to develop apps and games in an interactive setting. Students of class IV to VIII can participate in this competition. Students will be given four months of training before starting the main competition so that they can participate in the competition with preparation. Through this competition, school students will acquire essential life skills and prepare themselves for the new challenges in the future world. Besides, this competition will increase children’s logical ability, make them attentive, bring creativity to writing, develop intelligence, and increase problem-solving ability. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Creative IT about Juniors App and Game Carnival, Monir Hosen, said we are expecting 10,000 students to register online and offline. Besides, 1 million students will be aware. 50 students will be selected for training on a 100% scholarship through three screening processes, and they will get to participate in the global competition. In this way, they will also acquire a skill of the technological age, which will be helpful in the future. Because in this era of the fourth industrial revolution, information technology-based ideas will keep them ahead of everyone else.

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