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ISD’s annual Swimming Gala event unites community in celebration

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International School Dhaka (ISD) recently held its iconic annual Swimming Gala event on May 22, 2024, at the school’s swimming facilities, where students demonstrated their swimming skills and celebrated their progress. The highly anticipated event included students, parents, teachers, and school staff, fostering a sense of community and promoting the joy of swimming. Parents and teachers also participated in the event with raft races and relay swims.

This is the second year that ISD has included their lower primary students in the Swimming Gala event to celebrate their achievements in swimming. Whether students are just starting or have been swimming for years, all students had the opportunity to shine at the event.

ISD’s swimming program is an integral part of its Primary Physical Education (PE) curriculum. The annual Swimming Gala event is the highlight of the swimming program, where students can learn beyond mastering strokes. They learn important life lessons like teamwork, building confidence, staying healthy, and enjoying the water safely.

Regarding the key benefits of swimming, Jordan Doddridge, AUSTSWIM Certified Swimming PE Teacher, ISD, said, “Swimming is a holistic exercise that not only strengthens the body but also nourishes the mind. Each motion contributes to improved physical fitness, cardiovascular health, and muscle strength. Meanwhile, the surrounding aquatic environment fosters mental clarity, reduces stress, and enhances overall well-being. People of all ages should swim to reap the numerous physical, mental, and developmental benefits it provides.”

ISD will be launching its Swim Academy on August 14, 2024, offering a variety of swimming programs. These programs include the Secondary Swim Team, ES Swim Team, Advanced Swim Club, Elementary Swim Club, Swim Endurance, and ISD Swimming Certificate Course (a 5-week program based on AUSTSWIM skills).

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