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imo recognized as trusted messaging platform with Google Play security badge

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Popular instant messaging app imo has been recognized as a trusted app on Google Play through a security badge — indicating that the app meets the highly respected global security and privacy standards for mobile applications. This recognition showcases imo’s unwavering commitment to providing top-quality security and privacy protection to its users, positioning imo at the forefront among instant messaging apps that have taken significant steps to prioritize user security and privacy. This will help users feel more confident about imo’s commitment to security and privacy.

Google is highlighting secure, privacy-driven apps in the Play Store with a security badge in the Data Safety section, and now, imo is officially recognized with this badge, while other mainstream IM apps currently are not seen with it, which sets imo apart from its counterparts.

The “Independent Security Review” badge under the “Data Safety” section on Google Play is meant to provide users with validation that imo has made privacy and security two of its main priorities for the users, as independently verified. In details, it signifies that imo has met the MASA (Mobile Application Security Assessment) requirement, which is regarded as a highly respected industry standard for mobile application security, and has had its application independently validated with a Google Authorized Lab partner. This security badge on Google Play shows that imo takes the extra effort to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, and has been vetted by industry experts.

imo has always focused on providing the best quality security and privacy protection to its users. This has led to the app’s recognition on Google Play with the security badge. imo’s basic security features like Multi-Device Management, 2-Step Verification and Family Guard feature coupled with advanced features like Passkey and SIM Binding have helped foster a safe digital space on the platform for its users.

Additionally, other high-tech privacy features such as Privacy Chat Mode, Invisible Friends and Block Screenshot for Calls add an extra layer of protection, offering maximum control to the users. These features not only address privacy concerns but also combat cyberbullying and cybercrimes, providing imo users with a safer and more secure communication environment.

Mehran Kabir, Business Director of imo Messenger, said, “This badge signifies imo’s commitment to providing users with reliable privacy and security features. imo has been continuously striving to create a safe digital space for users, and we are pleased to receive recognition for it. We hope to continue working towards innovating new features for our users and fostering better communication experiences.”

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