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IFIC Bank’s Khagrachari Branch got inaugurated

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IFIC Bank’s new branch has been opened in the Khagrachari district with the aim of including people from every part of the country into the most extensive banking network with the largest number of branches and uposhkhas. Now, the number of branches and uposhakhas of IFIC Bank reached the number of 1268 including this branch.

On 23rd May 2023 (Thursday), the Honorable Member of Parliament of Parbatya Khagrachari, Mr. Kujendra Lal Tripura inaugurated the branch at Narikel bagan road in Kotwali Police Station of Khagrachari District. Mr. Jiten Barua, President of the press club, was the special guest on this occasion.

IFIC Bank’s Agrabad branch manager Iqbal Parvez Chowdhury, respected customers, prominent businessmen and dignitaries of the area were also present.

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