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Registration of ‘Idea Hunters 3.0’ is open

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The online registration process for the Marketing Case Competition ‘Idea Hunters 3.0’ organized by ULAB Digital Marketing Club has started. Registration is going on directly at the Idea Hunters booth at the ULAB campus.

 The convener of this competition and President of ULAB Digital Marketing Club, Muntasir Qadir said that students of any university in Bangladesh will have the opportunity to participate in Idea Hunters 3.0. By participating in the Marketing Case Competition, participants will gain valuable insight into real-life marketing case solutions. To participate, students are required to pay a nominal fee of 510 BDT per team. Teams, consisting of three individuals each, will be encouraged to form to compete in the competition. One of the most notable aspects of ‘Idea Hunter 3’ is the emphasis on inter-university collaboration. This event crosses institutional barriers, allowing students from several universities to create teams and combine all of their skills and expertise.

 The ULAB Digital Marketing Club (UDMC) and Star Line Food Products Limited have partnered collaboratively to conduct the third season of ‘Idea Hunters’.

 Idea Hunters is a thrilling inter-university marketing case competition, open to undergrad students from different institutions, including ULAB.  The first round of this three-phase competition is expected to take place on October 26, 2023.

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