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IDAB Excellence in Interior Design Award 2024 for the tine to be held in November

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Interior Designers Association of Bangladesh (IDAB) is going to organise “IDAB Excellence in Interior Design Award 2024” in November this year for the first time.

Organisers shared the comprehensive planning in a press briefing at the Biswa Sahitya Kendra on Saturday.General Secretary of the organisation Sayed Kamrul Ahsan introductory remarks in the briefing.

He said those who want to partcipate with their project will have to submit within August 31while interested participants will have to fill out the form available on the website.

He also informed that no watermark or logo will not be allowed in the project submissions. The judging criteria will consider the impact of designs, adherence to local traditions, environmental consciousness, and the quality of color usage.

The total prize value for winners in this competition is TK 15,50000 while any Bangladeshi interior designer, architect, or licensed entity can participate without any fees.

He announced that all interior designers across the country, regardless of individual or organizational affiliation, aKendra on Saturday ited to participate in this event.

Shafiul Islam, the director of the organization, emphasized that the event aims to elevate the recognition of Bangladeshi interior designers internationally, who are currently engaged in similar creative endeavors as their international counterparts but lack the recognition.

Thus, through this competition, they aim to bring the best interior designers of the country to the forefront and ensure their recognition, enhance their skills, and create a respectable position in society.

The event will be an annual affair, as announced by the organization. For further details, please visit

At the end of the conference, Shafiul Islam answered the question of journalists in a Q&A session.

He also stated that the winning projects will qualify to compete in the Asia-Pacific Space Designer Association for Asia’s Best. Additionally, all information related to the event can also be found on the Facebook page at

Briefly known as IDAB, it is dedicated to and formed by Bangladesh’s interior designers who have embarked on their journey since 2019.

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