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A new generation in space science first “Astronaut Camp” was held in Dhaka

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“Astronaut Camp” was held for the first time in Dhaka under the joint initiative of Bangladesh Innovation Forum and Space Innovation Camp and in collaboration with Daffodil International School to interest children and teenagers in space science and learn about various aspects of space.

The event was held on 28-29 June 2024 in the 71 auditorium located in the capital Dhanmondi, where 300 students aged 4 to 16 years from various schools in Dhaka participated.

The two-day event included interactive sessions on the Apollo missions conducted by the Space Innovation Camp’s junior scientists, where various aspects of the Moon landing were discussed. Also, divided into 24 teams, they made space robots, moon-landers, water rockets and CAN satellites.

The main objective of the event was to increase awareness about space science among children and teenagers and to inform them about various aspects of space research. Each workshop had an experienced Mission Controller and an Assistant Mission Controller, who provided students with a detailed understanding of their project through various creative activities and workshops.

Through the program, students have acquired various important concepts about space science and technology. They learned about the history and importance of the Apollo missions and discussed in detail the various stages of the space flight. By building space robots, moon-landers, water rockets and satellites, they gain hands-on experience that will enhance their creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Besides, through team activities, students have been able to master the qualities of cooperation and leadership. These experiences will help them develop better careers in the field of space research and technology in the future and further enhance their interest in science and technology.

Mohammad Nuruzzaman, Group CEO of Daffodil Family, was present as the program chair, he said, “This kind of organization is very valuable for our students. Their interest and desire to learn about space science and technology will increase. We hope this experience will deepen their focus on creativity and research and help establish them as leaders in space science and technology in the future.”

President of Bangladesh Innovation Forum Ariful Hasan Opu said, “The main aim of this event is to instill love and curiosity towards space science among children and teenagers. We hope, through this kind of initiative, they will be inspired to build their brilliant career in space research in the future.

Creative Junior was the knowledge partner in the event, Tech partner Dreamerz Lab Limited and Robust Research and Development Limited, e-Ticketing partner e-soft, also supported by Scientifly and 369 AOSTOK.

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