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Habib Wahid’s song ‘Ekhoni Shomoy’

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Habib Wahid and Grameenphone – two names associated with countless audio-visual memories and musings for the Bangladeshi audience. After hyping us up with major hits throughout the years, Habib is now back with an inspirational song of now is the time to make things possible.
The duo has teamed up this Eid-ul-Fitr to present Bangla music lovers with a new song named “Ekhoni Shomoy,” unfolding the immense possibilities of the moment, the power of ‘right now’! The lyrics and composition echoes and celebrates Grameenphone’s 25 years journey in Bangladesh, and encourages people to act now for a better tomorrow. Over the years, being a customer-centric organization, Grameenphone has introduced many latest technology and innovation to cater to the evolving needs of the customers and making their life convenient, with the aim of empowering societies.
Composed and sung by Habib Wahid himself, the song “Ekhoni Shomoy” is all about inspiration and celebration, especially for the youth. It is an ode to a positive Bangladesh – commending the internet’s significance in facilitating the next generation to take the country forward. The music video featuring the artiste has been officially released on Grameenphone’s Facebook and YouTube channels on April 29, 2022.
Regarding the song, Habib Wahid said, “In the journey of 25 years of Grameenphone, I composed different popular songs for the brand. They are loved by the people of Bangladesh. The new song is inspiring and energetic and encourages people to exceed their possibilities because the time is now!.”
As the song underlines the incredible prospects of the internet, particularly Grameenphone’s fast and seamless 4G network available all across Bangladesh to connect people with what matters most to them. Habib Wahid encourages all the young people to share the same vibe and flaunt their talents using social media! He anticipates enjoying the song and dance covers on the fresh release, uploaded with the hashtag #ekhonishomoy on YouTube and TikTok. To enjoy the song and the music video, head over to or visit Grameenphone’s official Facebook page!

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