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H M Atif Wafik’s first book, “Impress Your Audience”

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H M Atif Wafik’s first book, “Impress Your Audience” is poised for release on the 10th of October, 2021 at 8pm.
The book launching ceremony took place at The Reading Café, Banani. The book discussed the art of public speaking and oration while keeping the KISS model as its foundation.

Present at the event were, Don Samdany, Author, Abdul Hasib Siddique, Chief Co-Ordinating Officer, University of Scholars, and Najmus Ahmed Albab, ED, Valor of Bangladesh.

In the press release, the author of the novel, Mr. H M Atif Wakif had the following to say, “Thank you all for coming today and taking time out of your busy schedule. This book is all about impressing the audience and will hopefully assist university students significantly. Job holders will also be able to gain a lot from reading this book and it can help develop their presentation and public speaking skills.”

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