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Grameenphone, partner to JCI Smart Bangladesh Summit, Expo & CYE Award 2023

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Grameenphone has proudly supported the “JCI Smart Bangladesh Summit, Expo & CYE Award 2023” as the esteemed telecom partner. The two-day event took place on 09 and 10 June 2023, at ICCB, Dhaka, showcasing a myriad of activities and sessions which centered around the much-desired smart transition of Bangladesh and its various aspects.
As a pioneer in the industry, Grameenphone has been playing a pivotal role in realizing the “Smart Bangladesh” vision. With unwavering commitment, it has led the way by conducting successful 5G trials across all divisional cities of the country last year. The event was inaugurated by the esteemed Chairman of BTRC, Shyam Sunder Sikder, at the GPHouse. During the trials, Grameenphone achieved an astounding speed, surpassing the capabilities of 4G. These remarkable achievements have laid a solid foundation for smart citizenry and governance through unparalleled 5G connectivity. In its relentless pursuit of progress, Grameenphone acquired the maximum allowable 60 MHz spectrum reflecting the organization’s strong commitment to creating digital possibilities for people across the country, along with modernizing the network, rolling out new towers, gradually deploying additional spectrum and doubling the fiberization in the last year. Beyond infrastructural investments, it has actively collaborated with government entities, ministries, a2i, and other divisions, as well as private organizations, to foster a thriving ecosystem. As a socially responsible brand, Grameenphone has embraced its role as a smart enabler, and is actively contributing to the nation’s growth.
The Smart Bangladesh Summit provided a unique platform for connecting with like-minded individuals, exchanging innovative ideas, exploring new pathways, and assessing the readiness for a smarter Bangladesh in the future. This event was open to young entrepreneurs, professionals, investors, policy makers, and industry experts alike. The summit encompassed four engaging sessions focusing on the four pillars of Smart Bangladesh. Grameenphone’s CEO, Yasir Azman participated as a panelist in one of the initial sessions. Blending profound insights, he emphasized the crucial role of Smart Citizens in leveraging their ICT knowledge for future development and growth.
Yasir Azman, CEO, Grameenphone, said, “Being a smart nation naturally presupposes the basic requirement of connectivity, an aspect Grameenphone wholly embodies. Technological transformation and smart citizens with digital skills can help build a responsible future-ready society. Since inception, we have ensured connectivity to remote areas in pursuit of minimizing the digital divide, upskilling youth to become future-fit, empowering communities, from freelancers and mango growers to the unconnected people in Hatiya while spearheading innovation through emerging technologies like eSIM and 5G services both for individuals and enterprises. We will continue to technologically enable the country to become fit for the world of tomorrow, empowering the communities to become catalysts for change.”

“It gives me hope of Bangladesh becoming a powerhouse of advanced capabilities, taking strides towards reaping the benefits of 4IR and achieving our long-cherished vision of becoming a Smart Bangladesh,” he added.

At the event, Grameenphone also showcased its cutting-edge 5G technology at a dedicated pavilion (pavilion no MP004), captivating visitors with immersive virtual reality experiences and interactions with a robotic arm. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in various features, getting a glimpse into the transformative power of 5G across various sectors, including medicine, agriculture, infrastructure, entertainment, and more along with featuring the digital Boimela on MyGP app.

Grameenphone’s participation at the summit reaffirms its commitment to propel Bangladesh towards a smarter future, exploring the immense possibilities of advanced connectivity solutions. With unwavering dedication, it promises to continue to collaborate, innovate, and empower individuals and communities, driving positive change across the nation.

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