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Grameenphone brings eSIM for the first time in Bangladesh.

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Grameenphone, the tech service leader and connectivity partner to Digital Bangladesh, has launched eSIM for the first time in the country which will be available from March 07, 2022, onwards. eSIM (embedded SIM) is one of the catalysts to the revolutionary digital transformation across the world along with environmental benefits, which facilitates advanced connectivity through manifold unique and futuristic features

With the spirit – “4G eSIM –The time is now for Eco-Friendly Digital SIMs” (4G eSIM – Poribesh-bandhob Digital SIM’er Ekhon’e Somoy) – Grameenphone users will be empowered to enjoy the full benefit of connectivity without a physical SIM card on an eSIM enabled device. The company believes technological advancement and innovation must address climate concerns, and every step ahead is invaluable to protect mother nature. The global adoption of eSIM is projected to touch 3.4 billion by 2025. GP joins this journey of running operations responsibly as a forerunner at the technological front with a set ESG mission from Bangladesh.

“We are happy and inspired to bring in this advanced and climate-friendly technology in Bangladesh. As an early adopter of this innovative technology, we welcome everyone to join this journey. There is no denying that climate change poses alarming concerns for Bangladesh, and we must act responsibly by all means to protect our present and future. eSIM is one of the many eco-friendly steps from us, marking the silver jubilee of GP to serve our valuable customers more meaningfully and digitally, and at the same time join forces with society to protect mother nature.” said Yasir Azman, CEO of Grameenphone, highlighting the possibility of eSIMs in the Bangladeshi market.

To obtain a Grameenphone eSIM connection, customers can visit the Grameenphone Experience centres (in Dhaka and Chattrogram) or the selected Grameenphone centres with their eSIM supported devices, fulfil the biometric registration process and request for an eSIM. By following the process of SIM purchase, an eSIM request can also be placed on Grameenphone’s online shop. An eSIM enabled device, a working camera of the respective device to scan the QR code, and an active internet connection (mobile data or WiFi) to activate the eSIM is required, eliminating all the logistical hassle of a physical SIM card.

Multiple networks and numbers can be stored on a single eSIM depending on the handset, ensuring seamless global connectivity. Customers can access more than one phone number, making it easier and more convenient for travellers. Since the solution is embedded in the device, it no longer requires manual input. eSIM provides enhanced security as the user data is stored in digital formats. During the era of optimization, eSIMs will eventually negate the need for a physical SIM card and its tray. This space can be used to increase a phone’s battery size or add more features to a handset. There is no possibility of losing the card as it is tied to the device itself, with no SIM pin hassle.

Acknowledged by organizations like GSME, ETSI, GlobalPlatform, and SIMalliance, eSIM quite promisingly seems to be the future of connectivity, making waves the next step in the telecom industry. Brands like Apple, Google, Huawei, and Windows are incorporating eSIMs into their ecosystems, and thousands of people worldwide are already enjoying its benefits. For more information regarding eSIMs, please visit:

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