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General Pharmaceuticals employees will receive insurance from MetLife

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General Pharmaceuticals Ltd., one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh, has partnered with MetLife to provide insurance for its employees and their dependents against accidents, disability, loss of life and medical emergencies under MetLife’s policy.
General Pharmaceuticals has selected MetLife as an insurance provider because of the insurer’s customized solutions, online claims settlement service, faster payment of insurance claims and financial strength.
Established in 1984, General Pharmaceuticals limited produces many categories of life-saving medicines which are distributed across Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, MetLife provides insurance protection to over 270,000 employees and their dependents of more than 800 organizations.
An agreement signing ceremony has recently been held between General Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and MetLife Bangladesh.
Mr Rafidul Haq, Managing Director & CEO; Mr Sakibul Haq, Deputy Managing Director; Md. Alauddin, Executive Director, CFO & Company Secretary; S. M. Rezaul Ahsan, General Manager of Human Resources; Imran Hassan, General Manager of Marketing & Sales; Mohammad Shahin Hasan, Manager of Human Resources from General Pharmaceuticals and Ala Ahmad, Chief Executive Officer; Mohammad Kamruzzaman, Director & Head of Employee Benefits; Monirul Islam, Assistant Director of Employee Benefits; S.M. Shahriaz Arafat, Manager of Employee Benefits; Azizul Hasan, Senior Executive Officer of Employee Benefits; Mahfuzur Rahman, Financial Associate from MetLife Bangladesh were present at the ceremony.
“Being a leading pharmaceutical company, it is our responsibility to ensure that our employees are protected against life’s uncertainties. We have found that MetLife’s policies and facilities are best suited to our needs. So, we have selected MetLife for protecting our employees.” Mr. Rafidul Haq, the Managing Director & CEO of General Pharmaceuticals Ltd. said.
Ala Ahmad, Chief Executive Officer of MetLife Bangladesh, said: “Employees are the key asset for any organization, and insurance protection will help in improving productivity by managing life’s many uncertainties. We are glad to welcome General Pharmaceuticals to our growing family of corporate clients.”

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