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Entry-level smartphone realme C33

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As a smartphone brand, realme always strives to bring something to the youth that adds a new dimension to their style. In this continuation, the youth-favorite brand is bringing in the entry-level smartphone realme C33 with a super stylish design and powerful camera on the market on 8 November.
With an eye-catching design and advanced CHDR algorithm technology, this phone will ensure an unparalleled experience for users. Click here to win realme C33 by participating in the launch event:
With a combination of style and a powerful camera, this phone will add a new dimension to the user experience. This phone is inspired by a boundless sea design. With Aqua Blue and Night Sea colors, a slim body of just 8.3mm and right-angle bezels, this phone will take your style statement to a new height as soon as you hold it in your hands. Besides, the user will feel comfortable and get a premium vibe while using the phone. The back cover of this phone looks just like the blue sea, evoking the summer vacation spent by the sea. Many users find the camera bump (extended part for the camera) uncomfortable while using the phone. To solve this problem, this phone has a unibody back cover. Made with micron-level processing and lithography, one of the aspects of this design is its dynamic visual light effect, which makes the phone look trendier and visually appealing from different angles. The ‘water-flow’ effect has multiplied this beauty.
Besides, this phone has a 50MP camera setup with CHDR algorithm technology for youngsters who love to take pictures. To eliminate the drawbacks of HDR technology and ensure a great photography experience for the users, the phone has incorporated the CHDR algorithm technology, which accounts for brighter and more attractive photos. With the help of this technology, perfect, clear and bright photos can be taken with good details in bright daylight while effectively enhancing highlight suppression.
This phone also features 5,000 mAh large battery, an ultra-fast side fingerprint sensor and a powerful processor with UFS 2.2 storage facility. On the occasion of launching this new phone on 8 November, there will be attractive offers for realme users and fans. Keep an eye on realme’s Facebook page for further details.

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