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Energypac’s campaign ‘Amar Gari, Amar Ghar’ awarded at Commward 2021

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JAC ‘Amar Gari, Amar Ghar’ (My truck, my home), a campaign was launched by Energypac which was made by their strategic agency ADA (Analytics Data Advertising), has recently been awarded at the 10th edition of the “Commward: Excellence in Creative Communication” held on 28 August 2021.

In this year’s edition, a total of 227 entities have been honored with Commward advertising accolades in 26 categories under four ranks — bronze, silver, gold, and grand Prix. JAC ‘Amar Gari, Amar Ghar,’ made for JAC vehicles, has won the Bronze award in the category of Best Efficacy. A truck driver spends a significant amount of time driving vehicles and transporting essential goods. He has to travel long distances, relying on his vehicle. Consequently, his vehicle turns out to be his home metaphorically. This ad has portrayed this connection between a vehicle (JAC vehicle) and its driver.

Mr. Ameen Mahmood, Lead, Marketing Communication Strategies from Energypac said on this occasion, “We are really very delighted that our efforts and initiative have been recognized at the flagship initiative of Bangladesh Brand Forum. Energypac, as a corporate socially responsible entity, always tries to launch campaigns that are connected to reality. This campaign is the reiteration of the statement, too.”

It is mentionable that Energypac is the sole distributor of the JAC brand of Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co. Ltd. Energypac, through JAC vehicles, is catalyzing phenomenal changes in the Bangladesh market by introducing best-in-class commercial vehicles in the 1.5-ton segment and a wide range of commercial vehicles, including 5-ton heavy-duty trucks, covered vans, and pickups. Energypac Power Generation Ltd. is also contributing to the overall economic growth of the country through JAC vehicles as their assembly plant is creating employment opportunities for a skilled workforce.

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