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Ekushey Television launches serial drama ‘Natai Ghuri’

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The serial drama ‘Natai Ghuri’ is starting on Ekushey Television from Tuesday, September 7. Emdadul Haque Khan has directed the series written by Rezaur Rahman Rizvi. The series will air every Tuesday and Wednesday at 9-30 p.m.

The series stars Rawnak Hasan, Kazi Ujjal, Abdul Aziz, Masum Bashar, Mili Bashar, Lux Superstar Orin, Film Actor Shipon Mitra, Ashiq Chowdhury, Moumita Mou, Reshmi, Rimu Khandaker, Elina Shammi, Ferari Amit, Nabila Islam, Raisa Riya, Shilpi Sarkar Apu, Azam Khan, Tamanna Sarkar, Qadri, Saika Ahmed, Farhad Haider, Raushan Sharif, Robaida Khan Esha, Asha, Ashraful Ashish, Kaniz Shabnam Sukhi, Sania Zara, Anwar Hossain and many more.

In the context of the series ‘Natai Ghuri’, playwright Rezaur Rahman Rizvi said that the relationship that remains intact beyond love or romance is the relationship of a friend. This friend can become like a relative. Similarly, a friend can be the ultimate enemy again. The story of the serial drama ‘Natai Ghuri’ revolves around the family life of seven children and how they became friends.

Director Emdadul Haque Khan said, The canvas of the story of the series ‘Natai Ghuri’ has grown to include more than 50 actors.” Besides, the scenes of the play have been filmed in four different shooting houses for the purpose of storytelling. Hopefully, the audience will like the play once the promotion starts.

Hafsa Alam wrote the title song of the series ‘Natai Ghuri’ and Amit Chatterjee composed the music. And B Zaman Sujon has given voice to the song.

It is to be mentioned that Amitabh Ahmed Rana and Subrata Mitra are directing the episode of ‘Natai Ghuri’ series. Israt Jahan Meem is the executive producer. And shot by Sujan Mehmood.

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