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E-cigarettes and vaping should be banned

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Hit-not-burn and e-cigarettes or vaping is a new weapon to get the young generation addicted, which is a serious threat to this generation. Tobacco companies are cleverly marketing these products to the youth. Therefore, to protect the young society of the country, e-cigarettes or vaping should be banned now, said the health sector of Dhaka Ahsaniya Mission.

This demand was announced in a human chain titled ‘Ban e-cigarettes and vaping’ organized by the health sector of Dhaka Ahsania Mission in front of the National Press Club, Today ( 25 November 2023).

Speakers at the human chain quoted the World Health Organization as saying that all emerging tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, have been identified by the World Health Organization as products of deadly harm to health. Even, e-cigarettes have been cited as a gateway to using tobacco products. Cancer-causing ingredients are also present in these e-cigarettes.

The speakers also said that the tobacco company has always used various tactics to harm the public health of the country. Currently, they are importing e-cigarettes into the country. They also said that they are campaigning with various strategies to encourage e-cigarettes among the youth. Tobacco companies must stop this inaction. All types of vaping products, including e-cigarettes, must be banned to save the population. Besides, the tobacco control laws should be strengthened.

Among the speakers in the human chain were Dhaka Ahsania Mission, Health and WASH Sector Director Iqbal Masud, Health Sector Deputy Director Md Mokhleshur Rahman, Assistant Director Dr Naila Parveen, Tobacco Control Project Coordinator Md Shariful Islam, Public Health Advocate and Anti-Tobacco Organizer Syed Mahbubul. Haque, Project Manager of Tobacco Control Research Cell Farhana Zaman Liza, Aid Foundation Abu Nasser Onik, and many others.

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