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Domino’s Pizza inaugurates first-ever live kitchen in Bangladesh

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Domino’s Pizza Bangladesh thrives on giving the ‘Out of The Box’ experience to its customers. And this time they have come up with another out-of-the-box idea for Bangladeshi consumers to enjoy making of their favorite pizza from their digital devices.

For the first time in Bangladesh, Domino’s Pizza has developed a revolutionary solution using advanced technology to allow consumers to enjoy watching their pizzas getting ready using a link that will be given with the order confirmation message. After clicking on the link, the user will be able to see the pizza being made live in Domino’s Pizza’s kitchen.

Domino’s Live Pizza Theater is the epitome of product transparency that consolidates the claim of serving the best quality pizzas to you. This time they’ve gone one step ahead with the Live Pizza Theater.

“We always opt to enhance the consumer experience from baking to eating the pizzas. Live Pizza Theatre serves the purpose of making our consumers’ journey to happiness more fascinating & transparent. Hence, we have been working on making the live kitchen accessible to our consumers, at the click of a link on their smartphones. With this, Domino’s Pizza is setting benchmarks in terms of technology-led innovations, transparency & quality assurance. We are leading the industry with our transparent kitchens across all our stores. But with Live Pizza Theater, we are taking this transparency to an unprecedented consumer experience. We are happy to be the first to bring such an experience to the consumers in Bangladesh”, said Saumil Mehta, the Managing Director of Domino’s Pizza in Bangladesh.

In this dynamic world, we are drawn to newer experiences. And what better way to experience watching the pizzas made live from anywhere? The Live Pizza Theater is live now and you can get the experience anytime by ordering food from Domino’s Pizza.

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