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Discussion sessions held on death, dying, suffering, and palliative care at the Bandar

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Discussions on death, dying pain, and palliative care were held by AYAT Education under the ‘Compassionate Narayanganj’ project. The discussion meeting was held on Sunday (March 24) at 11 am in the premises of North Noadda Community Clinic in Bandar Upazila of Narayanganj. Community Clinic Treasurer Haji Md. Tamiz Uddin presided over community health care provider Manzur Murshed was conducted the meeting and Upazila Social Service Officer Md. Faisal Kabir was the chief guest at the discussion meeting.

AYAT Education Project Coordinator Sumit Banik presented the keynote speech on the importance of death, suffering, and Palliative Care. In his speech, he said, ‘In our society, it is generally considered an uncomfortable subject to talk about death and dying. However, research shows that open discussions with family, community members, and our healthcare providers about death, grief, and death planning help us prepare ourselves emotionally for death or the death of a loved one. So, everyone needs to participate to create public awareness about this. Thinking or talking about death may seem scary in many cases, but it is important to remember that it is a normal part of human life. Of course, the idea of a good or bad death can vary from person to person and based on religious beliefs. But we as people in the community can do a lot for a palliative care patient or anyone who is dying. So, we all should stand by them and extend a hand of support to them in this difficult time.

The president of the meeting, Haji Md. Tamiz Uddin, said in his speech, “Before today, I have not seen such a meeting organized on death.” This seems new to me. For me, working with palliative care is a form of social service. Although most of the people in our country are not aware of these issues, children and elderly people in developed countries are very aware of palliative care.

Manzur Murshed, organizer of the meeting, said, “I have already participated in several trainings on palliative care. I think it is necessary to make the common people of the village more aware of this. In today’s meeting, I was also inspired by the way you spontaneously talked about death as a common man and expressed your thoughts. I think that if we can openly share our thoughts about death in society, then our fears about it will be removed, and we can also help alleviate the death pain of other helpless people.

Chief guest Md. Faisal Kabir said in his speech, ‘Social Services Department is working for the welfare of incurable patients. Those of you who are volunteers under the Compassionate Narayanganj Project have the opportunity to help needy people get the services of the Social Services Department.
Volunteer Panna Akhter, Journalist Yusuf Ali Pradhan, Community Mobilizer Ananna Rahman, and others also spoke in the discussion meeting. The meeting was also attended by members of the Community Clinic Management Committee, local dignitaries, and youth volunteers. Assistant Field Officer Sarwar Alam, and Community Mobilizer Fahim Hossain were present on behalf of AYAT Education in the meeting.

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