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Dhumketu production started its journey in BD

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When the number of film productions is decreasing, the necessary institutions are also closing one by one, just then the new production company ‘Dhumketu Production’ started its journey with the goal of regular film production.

Dhumketu Productions started its journey in the country’s showbiz arena with a new drama called ‘Love You Hate You’ this Eid. Which has already received quite a response. Within a few days, the play got 3.5 million views on YouTube. Where today’s popular actors Farhan Ahmed Jovan and Tasnia Farin acted.

Founder of Dhumketu Production Rafat Rahman said, ‘We have already started the journey of Dhumketu Production through drama production. From here we will create maximum opportunities for talent development of young dramatists, potential young artists. The issue of drama production is not only limited to talent, but also has links to economic processes. We will provide employment opportunities to talented people through the selection process for good work.’

He also said that in the field of drama production, Dhumketu Productions has taken the initiative to look at the professional standards of any dramatist, producer, new artist and artist with more importance and respect. Besides, Bengali films will also be produced from here.

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