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“Deora”- a song enriched with folk magic

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Coke Studio Bangla’s latest song “Deora” is a song sung by boatsmen for rhythm and energy during Nouka Baich – a traditional boat race, popular in the northern parts of Bangladesh and held during the Monsoon and Autumn seasons. The song was designed and performed by Pritom Hasan, one of Bangladesh’s youth icons along with popular folk singer and performer Islamuddin Palakar. The song also featured Bangladesh’s first Grammy nominee Armeen Musa and her choir “Ghash Phoring”.
This song is a mix of folk genres like ’Shaari Gaan’, usually associated with physical labor, and ‘Jaag Gaan’ known for its motivational lyrics – the perfect combination for a sport that requires the participants to have quick bursts of intense energy for rowing their boat across the finishing line.
The passion of the boatsmen were perfectly expressed with the lyrics written by Fazlu Majhi and Pritom Hasan. Fazlu Majhi is a professional boat racer with his own team. His group also participated in the song and their voices brought life to Deora.
Pritom, the youth icon is the music producer and one of the main vocals of this song. His unique approach to music celebrates the colorful genres in his opening lines for the song. He is joined by the Ghaashphoring Choir, collaborating to create a fresh new sound for the young listeners of the music crazy nation.
“Throughout my career I’ve always tried to push boundaries and try something different that will capture the audience’s imagination. Coke Studio Bangla provided me a platform where I could push my boundaries even further. Deora is one such song that is sure to get everyone singing along and bring the magic of music to their lives.” said Pritom Hasan, music producer and vocal of Deora.
Armeen Musa said, “Working on Deora was an amazing experience. When you have different artists and choirs working together to create harmony, we end up with something magical.”
The energetic performance of Islamuddin Palakar brought life to the song. A pioneer in the genre of ‘Pala Gaan’ a folk performance that is inherited. Pala Gaan is a big part of Bangladesh’s cultural heritage, especially in rural areas. His dynamic performance made Deora rooted and more magical. Islamuddin Palakar is a popular artist who has been performing for decades to preserve and represent this cultural heritage of Bangladesh to the world.
Islamuddin Palakar, the vocal of Deora said“I have been practicing and performing Pala gaan since my childhood. This art is what I have loved all my life and dedicated my life to. Being able to showcase this art in Coke Studio Bangla’s platform gives me immense pleasure. I hope the younger generation will love this unique fusion and will be encouraged to take this art to the next level.”
Through “Deora” Coke Studio Bangla is bringing the beauty of rural heritage of Bangladesh into the big screen. With Pritom’s modern music practice, Fazlu Majhi’s lively lyrics and Islamuddin Palakar’s energetic Pala Gaan performance, audiences got to experience the colorful rural culture of the country and brought them closer to their roots.

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