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Deepto TV’s Eid drama serial ‘Gangster Gani Bhai’

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After coming to Dhaka and not getting a job, Gani became a gangster. Now the whole city trembles at his name. Whether it is extortion or kidnapping. Gani Bhai’s gang! Active members of Gani Bhai’s gang are right-handed Romeo, left-handed Majnu and Ajuhat Hiraman. Right and left anxious to get the mind of the excuse! On the other hand, Gani Bhai’s worries are different – if his wife and daughter in the village know that he is going to become a gangster? If he is ever caught?

Whatever people do, sometimes it happens. And that is why Gani Bhai’s wife Mitali and little daughter Pakhi came to the gang house and the whole gang was in danger. Their work is stopped. Bad people go to great lengths to present themselves as good. When that danger escalated, a revolt broke out in the gang. Gani brother, which side will handle, your own gang or family? Will the truth be revealed this time or will Gani Bhai be able to handle everything as usual?

An 7 episode serial drama has been made for Deepto TV on a bright multi-camera based on such a story. It will be broadcast every day for 7 days of Eid at 5:30 pm. ‘Gangster Gani Bhai’ is scripted by Ahmed Khan Heerak and dialogues are written by Colin Rodrick. Directed by Mostafa Manon and Feroz Kabir Dollar, the play stars Mir Sabbir, Tanjika Amin, Sujat Shimul, Tanvir, Masood, Rodela Mirza, Anand Khaled, child artist Moumita and many more.

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