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The government has given utmost priority to the cyber security of the land service system

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Land Minister Narayon Chandra Chanda stated that the government is placing the utmost priority to cyber security of land service system while concurrently simplifying land services.

The minister said this while addressing a project briefing meeting of the Ministry of Land as the chief guest at the meeting room on the second floor of Bhumi Bhaban in the capital. Land Secretary Md Khalilur Rahman chaired the meeting. Among others, the Chairman of the Land Appeal Board AKM Shamimul Haque, Chairman of the Land Reform Board Md. Abdus Sabur Mondal, Director General of Land Record and Survey Department Anis Mahmud, Additional Secretary (Development) of the Ministry of Land Md. Ziauddin Ahmed, Project Directors of all the projects and other officials concerned of the ministry and projects were present at the meeting.

Mentioning that the digitalization of land services is being carried out under the Digital Bangladesh initiative of the Prime Minister, the land minister highlighted that a myriad of miscellaneous types of land-related works, including land transactions, are being conducted regularly. In order to provide these land services seamlessly, the flawless cybersecurity of the land service structure is imperative. The minister emphasized the need for a robust and resilient cybersecurity framework to protect sensitive information and uphold citizens’ trust in the land service infrastructure.

“The government has accorded the highest priority to cybersecurity across all digital services, and land services are no exception. We must work with a focus on ensuring the security of sensitive state information, citizens’ property-related data, and the reliability of information pertaining to property transactions,” the minister stated.

Expressing satisfaction over some of the initiatives already taken by the Ministry of Land for the cyber security of the land service structure, such as regular vulnerability testing of land service sites, appointing cyber experts, creating a comprehensive ICT security guideline of land service system infrastructure, the Land Minister said, “With the ever-changing technology, measures should be taken to strengthen the cyber security system of the land service system in such a way that the latest and most reliable cyber security system can be easily integrated.
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