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Coke Studio Bangla’s new song “Ghum Ghum”

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Coke Studio Bangla’s latest song “Ghum Ghum” pays tribute to 70’s legendary musician Lucky Akhand. The song featured talented young artist Fairooz Nazifa and the song was produced by popular musician Shuvendu Das Shuvo.
The song was written by S M Hedayet, composed by Lucky Akhand and sung by legendary singer Shahnaz Rahmatullah. The song was first featured in the 80’s popular movie “Ghuddi” and after her return from Pakistan, “Ghum Ghum” was Shahnaz Rahmatullah’s first song. The popular movie represented the young free vibe of a newly independent Bangladesh and the song invoked that same feeling of free spirit and good vibe.
Coke Studio Bangla adaptation of this timeless music gives it a unique makeover that sees Jazz fused with Bangla music, a fusion never seen before. The musicians breathe new life into this Bangla musical gem, conjuring the enchanting magic of jazz, and infusing the melody with a delightful fusion of nostalgia. Shuvendu Das Shuvo’s composition with Latin beat guitar combined with Trombone and Double Bass and Fairooz’s melancholy voice takes the audiences to a magical jazz-filled experience. The set of the song was designed in a cabaret jazz club to give it a more authentic visual experience.
Fairooz Nazifa said that “it’s an amazing feeling to be part of the Coke Studio Bangla family and to be able to perform on this platform. When it was decided, we are going to cover one of the masterpieces of the Bangla music industry created by legendary musicians like Lucky Akhand and Shahnaz Rahmatullah, I was beyond excited and tried my level best to do justice to this song. I hope everyone enjoys this rendition”
“Working on any iconic song is always a challenge, one that we musicians always enjoy. We had a number of genres planned for this season and jazz was one of those that I was eager to present to the audience. Everyone who was part of this song, starting from Fairooz, musicians on the screen and everyone behind the camera have done a fantastic job.” Said Shuvendu Das Shuvo.

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